'I Can' Statements

Please find below a range of 'pupil friendly' statements relating to the Levels of Attainment within each Come and See topic.

These can be used by the pupils and/or teachers in tandem with each topic.

These have been written to further assist both the pupil and teacher in terms of identifying the appropriate AT and level within the respective Learning Focus.

They can be used with the pupils to introduce each topic and then be referred to each week throughout the duration of the topic.


Year Group See Folder for Each Year Group Below
EYFS Revised - Spring
One Revised - Spring
Two Revised - Spring
Three Revised - Spring
Four Revised - Spring
Five Revised - Spring
Six Revised - Spring


Year GroupSee Folder for Each Year Group Below
EYFSRevised - Summer
OneRevised - Summer
TwoRevised - Summer
ThreeRevised - Summer
FourRevised - Summer
FiveRevised - Summer
SixRevised - Summer