Health and Safety in Schools

Governors and the Headteacher have various statutory responsibilities for Health & Safety in their school and should be fully aware of these responsibilities.

Attached are two exemplar Health & Safety Inspection checklists used in some of our schools.  The most common areas of concern relate to the management of asbestos (advice attached), legionella and Fire Safety.

Schools are urged to ensure that they meet all the requirements of Fire Risk Assessments and carry out appropriate evacuation drills etc on a regular basis.

Guidance on Health & Safety in Schools can be found on most Local Authority websites or at and is also available on

Responsibility extends to the management of gates and fences on the boundaries of the school and regular checking of these areas is strongly recommended.

Schools should consider keeping a log of Health & Safety training received by the relevant staff including site staff and catering staff.  Visitors should also be made aware of important health & safety procedures.

Annual Health & Safety Checklist

Updated Asbestos Guidance

Health & Safety Termly Inspection

Fire Risk during Building Works

Managing Asbestos in your School