All Voluntary Aided Schools and Catholic Academies need to ensure that the Diocesan Trustees can be confident in the insurance arrangements for the buildings from which the school or academy operates in the event of a major disaster.   Currently, different Local Authorities offer a range of cover (sometimes to 100%) but there are often excesses which in the event of a claim can cause problems.

Our strong advice to Catholic Voluntary Aided Schools is (a) take out separate insurance to cover the Governors’ 10% contribution to any capital repair and their other liabilities (most schools in this Diocese use CCIA) and (b) read the small print of the Local Authority policy very carefully to identify what is and is not covered (e.g. drains, fences, consultants’ fees).  There is a slight additional cost but it is better to let the loss adjusters argue about responsibilities rather than find you are not fully covered. 

In the meantime, information about insurance in academies has been received from the CES and is attached to this article.  The CES and the Church of England Diocesan Board of Education have agreed a range of cover through the Risk Protection Arrangements offered by the EFA and academies are encouraged to join this scheme.  Since the EFA will only fund academies for the cost of the RPA, should Trusts decide to take out a more expensive commercial option, they will have to bear the excess cost.  Academies need to ensure that they read the guidance on the RPA as it applies to Church Schools (copy attached).   All academy Governors, Headteachers and Bursars are asked to read this document carefully.