The Diocesan Tribunal

This page provides quick links to the various officials of the Tribunal. The legal requirements for the organisation of the Tribunal are kindly summarised in the Code of Canon Law, presented online from this page and onward.

The Vicar Judicial: Rev. Fr. P. Vellacott VF

The adjunct Vicar Judicial: Mgr. J. Hadley VF

The judges: Mgr. Canon B. Dazeley, Rev. Canon G. Woodall, Rev. Fr. J. Cahill, Rev. Mr. K. Frisby, Rev. Fr. M. Hardy, Rev. Mr. J. Wilbram

The defender: Ms. A. Zimand

The advocates: Rev. Fr. S. Gillespie, Rev. Fr. J. P. Leonard

The promoter of Justice: Rev. Fr. A. Cole VF

The administrator: Mrs. B. Gabb

The tribunal office is located at Willson House, 25 Derby Road, Nottingham NG1 5AW. Please call 0115 953 9804 or fax 0115 953 9805 or send e-mail to