The Liturgical Commission

This page is under development.

The only entry on this page is the new Diocesan Ordo (2017-2018), which may be downloaded in PDF format by clicking the link to the left.

Awaiting further content, you may meditate upon the objectives of the Liturgical Commission, which are:

  • to liaise with the national liturgy office of the Conference of Bishops and the northern and national consultations and to continue as a corporate member of the Society of S. Gregory.
  • to foster the establishment of and provide ongoing support for parish liturgy groups.
  • to keep people informed about developments in liturgy and to share good practice.
  • to provide texts for liturgical events for use within the Diocese at the Bishop’s request or in response to a particular need.
  • to offer development opportunities for lay people and clergy (in collaboration with the Commission for Adult Formation and the Commission for Ongoing Formation and Support for Clergy).
  • to be alert to appropriate opportunities to work ecumenically.